Sabine Baptist Church



About Us

Sabine Valley Baptist Church has a rich history in the deep piney woods of East Texas. It was originally founded in 1882.

The church exists to proclaim God's word through the scriptures found in the King James version of the Bible. Taking a practical approach to the word of God and applying it to the modern-day world allows us as members of Sabine Valley Baptist Church to grow deeper in our faith and love for the Lord.


Worship Times and Sunday School Hours

Sabine Valley Baptist Chuch meets very Sunday for worship at 8:30am. Adult Sunday School meets immediately following the worship service. Children Sunday School meets at 8:30am. Special services are announced during the worship hour.

Serving Our Congregation

Our Service Time

We hold services on Sunday mornings but that is not the only time you can become involved

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The Bible says we should tithe. But how much and where? .

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